Teething Issues

I spy with my little eye.. one of #LittleDee’s top teeth is cutting out!

Can’t remember exactly when her bottom two cut out though (oops) but it should be sometime in mid Jan? Shortly after she started solids!

Hopefully we won’t have much teething issues..


Steamed Cod Fish with Egg White

Had 2 pieces of codfish from Shijie, cos we decided against using it for sensory play, and decided to copy the Jumbo dish where #LittleDee first tried codfish!

Prepared the codfish with egg white, drizzled with a bit of sesame oil and garnished it with goji berries, ginger and spring onion.

Steamed the fish for about 10-11 minutes using medium heat fire.

She loved the fish, so am documenting the recipe down for future reference!

Pork Broth Soup with Radish, Baicai & Tomato

It’s not often #LittleDee finishes everything I give her, so I better record down this “recipe” to refer back to!

Soup stock was made by boiling pork bones, radish, baicai & tomato! Super simple but the soup tasted so good!!

Added in the meat & carrots, and cooked the somen noodles separately before adding it into the pot closer towards her mealtime.

She loved the radish and I gave her 3 more pieces to self feed, of which probably half made it to her mouth lol.

Still have some radish left, so I shall google for some recipes to try out!

Hope she continues to eat well, but I also hope she maintains her milk feeds too, although that doesn’t seem likely with her refusing to latch even though it’s after 4-5 hours at times!

Crawl Baby, Crawl!

Was in the shower when I heard #LittleDee whining and husband cheering her on, which was a really odd combi?!

When I stepped out the shower he said she leopard crawled and I was in disbelief cos she’s been trying for the longest time, and I’m resigned that she might skip crawling altogether like me (apparently I moved around on my butt when I was a baby lol).

But guess my daughter didn’t inherit those genes from me, cos look who’s starting to crawl! Also the start of my nightmare cos it’s gonna be hard to contain her now haha.

And BA SIMI BA. Why aren’t you MA-ing away 😂

Eight Months Mini Milestone

First time writing at WordPress using the mobile app after the export from Dayre, and it feels strange – interface and all!

But the formatting is ace though, so much neater than Dayre!

Wasn’t intending to update on WordPress, but there’s (finally) a mini milestone from #LittleDee (not on Dayre anymore but still can’t resist using back the same hashtag, although for what I don’t know).

Not related to her milestone, but baby was sitting on the mat and she fell forward and was in almost belly position, when she pushed herself back to sitting up!

Slow at 8.5 months of age, but given she’s a late preemie, I have been quite lax on her meeting her developmental milestones.

As long as she is healthy, and growing well, I’m not too fussed. Just need to minimally meet the milestone at her corrected age can already #lowexpectations haha.

So yay! Hopefully she gets to push herself back from a full belly position soon?

I’m so sad that Dayre might close down, and I’m so paranoid that I won’t be able to save my old posts on #LittleDee 😭

Now where am I gonna get my #dayremummies update? Sob.

Holding out hope that Dayre might be saved with the petition & survey which I just did. So I’m updating with one of my proudest moments of baby’s eating efforts.

Gave her sour dough bread to entertain herself after she finished her baby biscuit and I honestly didn’t think she would be able to eat it cos it was the crust so it was really hard.

But gosh. She really managed to finish it while hub and I were looking on with worried eyes wondering if we should dig the piece of bread out.

Anyway I’ve been following Dayre accounts on Instagram and if you would like to stay connected, baby has an Instagram account at @/baebyxu 😂

Brought #LittleDee to her first buffet dinner… and I had a shock of my life while walking to the restaurant.

Baby was asleep in her stroller (I managed to successfully transfer her from car seat to stroller somemore leh), and when I exited from the lift… drama happened.

One of the bellboy was pushing a trolley full of luggages.. and somehow it tipped over, AND LUGGAGES CAME CRASHING DOWN TO THE STROLLER.

Everything happened super fast and I was also in a shock but my first reaction was to quickly open up the canopy. Was a bit of blur but I think the luggages didn’t crash flat down and it only tipped the stroller backwards, before I quickly secured it down.

Opened the canopy to see my baby in shock, but not crying yet, so I quickly scooped her out from the stroller and carried her while she let out a wail, but calmed down when I carried her.

Inspected her and aside from being super awake (sigh), she looked fine and could still smile to the bellboy while he looked on in shock.

Ok la long story short, the bellboy (which I realized he was the manager on duty after), was super professional and very apologetic.

He stayed on after his shift ended at 730pm, and went to check on us while we walked out of the restaurant at 11pm.

Soooo his follow up was great, baby is fine, but I secretly wish we had a free dinner or staycation hahahaha.

Since baby was up, I decided to get some food from the buffet spread. Took broccoli, jackfruit, papaya, watermelon & beetroot (which I didn’t feed in the end)… and decided to do it blw style to let her try and self feed.

Was super amazed at how she was chomping down the broccoli even though she hated it when I tried to mash it to give her previously.

Basically we just sat her down and passed her new items after she was done with the previous ones, and dinner was so fuss free cos I didn’t have to keep spoon feeding her unlike previous dinners!

Again.. just reaffirming myself that I really prefer the blw method.

But since now we have started her on tw, I might just continue with a combo until I feel that she can feed herself sufficiently with blw before I make the full transition?