Working Title

When I told my friends I wanted to look for a cafe with free WiFi to do work in, most of them responded – what work? Well, yeah. I may not be on a payroll, but what there’s a checklist for the wedding which had my undivided attention. I don’t blame them though, many brides before me have juggled both wedding and work and have succeeded.  Since I had the luxury of planning the wedding full-time, I wanted to maximise it by checking out cafes which I haven’t had time to go before on the pretext of doing work.

Working Title was the first cafe, and while I wish I could say it was the perfect place to get work done.. The experience was rather average.

Not that anything went wrong though, there just wasn’t nothing special that would see me back there again.

I came up with my top three factors which makes a cafe best for those who would like to get their work done outside their office.

First one goes without saying – the cafe’s gotta have free WiFi. And it has got to be quick, easy to connect. When I was at Working Title, the connection took me at least 10 min to set up. But they do have several points to connect from, just have to keep trying.

Next, the amenities of the cafe which could include comfortable seats and sufficient powerpoints (especially important if you’re going to stay for a few hours) – and while there were sufficient powerpoints lying around, the seats weren’t going to make you want to linger for long.

And lastly, of course, the food! Think this was probably what got me disappointed, definitely expected more from the smoked salmon salad. Basically it was just greens thrown into the bowl at the bottom, followed by smoked salmon, and a dollop of cream cheese. Nothing fancy.

2014-09-23 15.03.12

So there you have it – my rather underwhelming experience at Working Title. At least I got some work done!


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