The Book Cafe

I’m going to get straight to the point – The Book Cafe is one of my favourite places to work at. So glad J suggested the cafe, it has been one of the places I’ve been meaning to check out in the area.

The cafe ticked off my checklist of what makes a great cafe to do work in (read earlier post here) and more. Quick & free WiFi access, more than sufficient powerpoints, and of course great food! And the sofas – oh my – it was so comfortable that I didn’t realise we spent more than 7 hours in the cafe.

Don’t judge us, the servers definitely didn’t. And I think that’s what makes it even more awesome – great customer service. Though we did have to wait for a while sometimes to get their attention, which really isn’t their fault since the cafe is really spacious and there weren’t many on duty when we were there.

The only downside for me would be the walk to the nearest MRT station, Clarke Quay. But other than that, really nothing much that wouldn’t stop me from going back again.



Latte & Eggs Royale – definitely the best way to tackle that to-do-list!


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