Drury Lane Cafe

Being gifted a Macbook Air by D is truly one of the best presents during this period. It’s been really handy carrying it around and to drop by cafes in between appointments to get sustenance and attempt to check off items on the wedding to-do list.

This time round, I managed to pop by Drury Lane for brunch before meeting for lobster dinner in the area. It was really quite the indulgent day for me and my satisfied tummy.

I can’t quite remember what the cafe was known for – the coffee or the food? – but with a name like Drury Lane, it’s hard to forget the cafe. It’s been one of the places I’ve meant to try, but somehow never got around to doing it.

Really spacious cafe which was 2-storey, though that proved to be a bit of a hassle when you’re a party of one. I made my first trip upstairs to ensure there were seats, before going down to order, and heading back up again to settle down. But I wasn’t planning on leaving my stuff unattended for sure.


With reference to my checklist on what’s important in a cafe to get work done, everything pretty much worked out. Except the food wasn’t really much to shout about. Or maybe I should stop ordering baked eggs ‘cos I’ll always compare them to the ones I had in Melbourne’s Hardware Societe Cafe.


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