Bridge Cafe

Arranged to meet a couple of friends at Loof for dinner and drinks, and was googling for cafes in the area I could check out as I had time to spare before the appointment. I had to urgently come up with my actual day wedding admin programme as we were meeting the bridal party in two days, and I had nothing.

So I plonked myself down at Bridge Cafe which Google Maps assured me was 3 min walk away from Loof, with a vengeance to get the admin programme kick-started.

2014-10-09 20.22.36

Despite that urgency, I found the time to speak to the owner and hear about his process of starting a cafe and his vision for it. Cafe was still in their soft launch when I went, and they were fine-tuning their dessert menu, which was what got the conversation going as the owner wanted to hear what I thought of their Choc Banana Cake-in-Jar.

The truth is, while the coffee was superb, I can’t quite say the same for the dessert. Too much whipped cream, I said, even though I’m sure there would be some who disagree.


Thanks to the coffee and my oddly-misplaced love for creating lists, I managed to hammer out the admin programme for D’s approval before leaving for my drinks sessions!


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