Dutch Pancakes

I first tried Dutch Pancakes at Panary Cafe when I was on holiday in Bangkok. The cafe is located at an up-and-coming hipster neighbourhood, Soi Ari. We checked out several cafes that day, but Panary Cafe stood out for their pancakes which had us at love-at-first-bite.

2014-09-07 14.53.16

The baby pancakes were nothing like the pancakes I’ve had before – these babies were fluffy and delicate, with their sides crisp and slightly turned up. It was like a cross between traditional pancakes and crepes.

2014-09-07 15.00.12

H challenged me to make them when I came back, and I gamely took it up. Then wedding planning started with a vengeance when I came back from my trip, and this got shoved back on my priority list. So when I proposed to cook for Sunday brunch, this was one of the first recipes I searched for. 

I modified this recipe I found on Pinterest to make two versions, both savoury and sweet. For the savoury, I threw in honey baked ham and cheddar cheese 5 minutes before the time was up, and put it back in for roasting. 

For the sweet, I dusted icing sugar at the top and had a selection of condiments from Margaret River Dairy Company and fruits. It was only on this third and final attempt which I managed to balance the thickness of the pancakes vs easier removal of the pancakes from pan, similar to what I had at Panary Cafe. This was the only pancake which had the turned up side which I presume would be crucial to having a good dutch pancake. 


Cooking can be truly one of the best ways to reminisce holidays and feed the wanderlust soul 🙂


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