Sweet Potato Balls x Ginger Soup

Who says late night TV shows are bad for your health? Not when they end up inspiring you to cook sweet potato balls after watching a health TV programme at least. I love everything about sweet potatoes, especially when they are cooked in the most unhealthy way possible (think sweet potato fries.. mm yum).

2014-10-13 16.53.38

The TV hosts made the recipe sound so easy, and kept playing up the fact how tasty the sweet potato balls were despite the lack of sugar and other ingredients – so of course I had to try it. I wasn’t quite keen on the ginger soup though, even though I know how beneficial to the health ginger is.

2014-10-13 18.36.22

One of the reason why I would attempt this dish again, had so much fun playing with the dough and making them into bite-sized balls! Guess it brought me back to the days when I was a kid playing with play-doh… Who says you can’t play with your food? 😉

So the verdict? It tasted a bit too healthy for my liking (duh I know, considering where I got the recipe from), but texture-wise it a win for me. The next time I make this, I would consider adding in more sugar and pandan to the recipe.

2014-10-13 20.30.34

But until then, here’s the current recipe for keepsake. Who’s to say no to late night TV now?

Sweet Potato Balls with Ginger Soup

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  1. 2 sweet potatoes (approx 300g)
  2. 120g sweet potato flour
  3. 30g potato starch
  4. 1 tbsp rock sugar
  5. 1 ginger
  6. 800ml water


  1. Wash and slice the sweet potatoes, steam them for 20 min (ensure the potatoes are soft before removing).
  2. Mash the sweet potatoes and mix in sweet potato flour and potato starch slowly to form a dough mixture.
  3. Divide dough into small equal portions  and roll them into bite-sized balls.
  4. Cook the balls in pot of water for 6-8 mins, and leave it in for another 1 min when the balls surface to the top. Remove to cool.
  5. In a separate pot, add in the water, ginger and sugar and boil. When ready, serve together with the cooked sweet potato balls.


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