Lace Crochet x Flower Basket

I don’t remember much about being a flower girl, just recall having seen photos of my aunt’s wedding and I was dressed up prettier than usual. When looking for pictures of my younger self for the wedding childhood montage, I came across some of those photos.

5 year old (2)

Was quite amused at the similarities between my flower crown then, and the ones I did for our two flower girls here. And of course, this photo made it to the video montage titled as My “First” Wedding.

I was about 6 years old when my aunt got married. Our flower girls are barely 3 years old, and it was likely they won’t have much memories of our wedding when they are older. We weren’t even sure if they would be brave enough to walk down the aisle, to be honest, so I wasn’t quite sure anything I made for them would come in handy and was intending to stop at the flower crown.

But when I came across this tutorial on making flower girl baskets using lace crochet, and how pretty they looked, I caved and went sourcing for suitable lace crochets.


I had to reinforce the lace crochets a second time with a more viscous glue mixture to make the baskets sturdier, bearing in mind that the two girls were probably not able to hold them as steady as we would like.


Our 2 flower girls did walk down the aisle in the end. Though one ran away halfway, while the other walked down without throwing any petals. But it was perfect for us, and I can’t wait for them to grow up and show them pictures of themselves walking down the aisle. And maybe flower crowns will still be in fashion then.


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