The Loft

I’ve been visiting quite a fair bit of cafes recently and getting them slowly checked off my never- ending list. Though The Loft proved to be a bit of a disappointment, part of it might have been my fault.

It started out promising though, the cafe was a mere 5 min walk from the MRT station and was located on the second level of an old shophouse. I fell in love with the space the moment I stepped in, it felt so cozy and inviting. The decor had a homely touch and I couldn’t help fantasizing how perfect it would be as my house.

As always, I ordered myself a cup of flat white, indulged myself (again) in a daydream of owning a space like this, before grudgingly setting up my Mac to connect to the WiFi.

Despite the staff’s best efforts to troubleshoot the WiFi code, I eventually had to check-in to Facebook to gain access to the Internet – something which I abhor, as I prefer to keep my Facebook feed clean of my whereabouts.

That got the job done though, and I was determined to populate the social media posting calendar for the online store’s Facebook page in the coming month before meeting the girls for dinner… Only to find out the cafe closes at 6pm! But it’s really my fault for not checking their opening hours – lesson learnt!

Adding to the disappointment was the lack-luster coffee, which was watered down and too bitter for my liking.

That said, am still in love with the space.. Perhaps their waffles & pancakes would do the cafe justice instead?

The Loft
268A South Bridge Road
Singapore 058817

Opening Hours:
Tues – Sat 9am-10pm
Sunday 9am-9pm
Closed on Monday

Note: I was there on a Tuesday and the cafe was supposed to close at 10pm, not 6pm! So perhaps there was a private event that the staff didn’t advise beforehand 😦


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