New Zealand Work & Travel

Given that this is taking place in less than a week, there’s no better time to announce this – part of this sabbatical will see me going to New Zealand for 5-6 months for Work & Travel.

J & I had applied for our working holiday visas last Jul, but we pretty much only confirmed our trip in Nov when we booked our one-way tickets. Instead of flying directly to Auckland, we’ll be making a 5-day stopover at Gold Coast.

It goes without saying that there were a lot of resistance from the parents & to some extent, the in-laws as well; but I am truly blessed to have the most understanding fiancé/ husband who not only supported me going for the trip, but was also the one who encouraged me when I had my doubts.

Family aside, there were a lot of confusion when I told my closer friends. Not surprising considering how I’ve only been married for barely three months before making this trip. Here were some of the common questions:

Why New Zealand?
From what we understood, New Zealand was the only country where Singaporean graduates could apply for a working holiday visa (disclaimer: we may be wrong). And New Zealand is known for their amazing scenery & adrenalin activities which are on our bucket list.

But.. You’re newly married?
No doubt that was one of the strongest pull factor for me to stay in Singapore and forgo the idea of making the trip without D.

Trust me, if I had a choice I would have done this before getting married. But J and I only found out about the visa in last Jun which allowed graduates to apply within three years of graduation, and we were running out of time – one more to be exact. To be honest, I guess any time could have been argued to be a bad time, depending on how one would make the judgement call.

And as mentioned, D couldn’t have been more supportive of the trip and he knew I would regret if I passed on the opportunity.

So.. What jobs are you going to find?
With a working visa, the most common jobs would usually be the seasonal jobs, e.g. fruit picking. We hope to be able to look for jobs which we aren’t able to experience in Singapore – J wants to pick apples (we’ve been hearing how hard it is though!) & I hope to be able to work in vineyards.

True, these aren’t exactly the white-collared jobs which we are used to. Both family and friends have been very skeptical and questioned how relevant these experiences will be to bring home and look for our next job.

We intend to find out.


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