Gold Coast – The Beginnning

Gold Coast – all I knew of it was its famous Surfer’s Paradise, and a haven for theme parks. It was a destination which D and I considered for our honeymoon, but he’s not a fan of theme parks – more specifically, the rides which I love to drag him on just so I could see his reaction after.

When J and I were deciding our flight tickets to New Zealand, we had a couple of options in mind. But the deciding factor which landed us in Gold Coast for a stopover of 5 days, was the promotion which Scoot was having. We booked the tickets 1.5 months ahead, and never really got down to planning for the trip. Very unlike our usual travelling style where we would do research and have a checklist of places to visit.

But we knew we would figure it out somehow.

Our first day saw us making our way to our first Airbnb accommodation, and boy did they set the standard high.They always went out of their way to helping us settle down – from fetching us back home from the bus stop on a rainy day, to giving us a lift to the airport. And the house was so comfortable, it really felt like our own home. Aaaah, seriously missing the house now.

The house was located near Palm Beach, gorgeous beach which – in my opinion – was way better than Surfer’s Paradise. But that’s not surprising since it is a played-up tourist destination..

Despite the lack of planning beforehand, I would say we did pretty well in terms of our itinerary. I promise to get down to writing a post on it, but meanwhile here are some useful tips from our experience.


We didn’t stay in the central/ touristy area like Surfer’s Paradise mostly due to our budget, but after this trip I would safely say it probably turned out for the best. Gold Coast has many beaches along the coast, and each neighbourhood is usually self-sufficient with cafes & restaurants their take on local cuisine, supermarkets and banks. So choose somewhere within walking distance to a beach, and has buses like 700 or 777 found along Gold Coast Highway which would be really convenient to get to the key places of attractions.


Getting around Gold Coast (especially from where we stayed) was relatively easy, but wasn’t exactly the cheapest. A single trip ticket to the city could cost up to AUD 7 depending on the zone. We opted to purchase the Go Explore card which allows up to unlimited travel for buses and trams for AUD 15. But two important things we learnt and to note: we had to purchase the cards daily and they are only available at selected retail stores, so make sure you check there’s one near from where you’re setting off; the cards were only available for buses & trams and not trains, so when your Google Map directs you to a train for transfer, be sure to look for alternative routes.

Grocery Shopping

This may not apply for those who aren’t on a budget, or may come from a city with plentiful options at decent prices. Coming from Singapore, I found the supermarket selection so much more enticing than back home, and not to mention more affordable for local produce. The supermarkets are always the last to close, so we would usually head there before going home. There are two main supermarkets we frequented – Woolworths & Coles. The latter was nearer to our accommodation, but we found the prices at Woolworths cheaper for certain items. So if you want to compare prices, one option could be to head to somewhere with both! And we found one in Robina Town Centre, a really huge mall with retail shops – so you can do some shopping until the stores close, and make your way for grocery shopping!

Finally got time to recapping the trip, I’ll be sure to consolidate all the places we went for easy reference 🙂 

you can do some shopping until the stores close, and make your way for grocery shopping!

Finally got time to recapping the trip, I’ll be sure to consolidate all the places we went for easy reference 🙂


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