Warmth in Owhango

What’s there to do in Owhango, one might ask, and the answer is possibly… Nothing. It’s not a touristy place, there aren’t many attractions in the small town. But it has such a special place in my heart, only because we had one of our best Airbnb stay here.

It felt like home – the people we met, it felt like family.

2015-02-05 11.08.34 2015-02-05 11.08.24Karen was our host, and she was so warm and welcoming. She also owns an organic blueberry farm, plus her own petting farm consisting of 1 duck, 1 pig, 1 llama, 3 dogs, sheep, and turtles. Us city girls were so amazed at her backyard of animals, and even snagged an experience of feeding the pig.

IMG_1701 IMG_1708 IMG_1724Malcom was the manager, and he was a hoot and a half. He brought us on a tour of the farm where we got to pluck our own blueberries. We learnt how to sort and pack them neatly into bags after. And of course popped a couple into our mouths as we helped out.

IMG_1712 IMG_1714 IMG_1716 IMG_1726 IMG_1727Although we didn’t opt for dinner, and was prepared to head out to town, Karen cooked our portions and invited us to sit down with everyone. Together with her, Malcom, her Woofers, it felt like a family dinner.

2015-02-04 19.17.17 2015-02-04 19.38.07Karen’s Amazing Blueberry Crumble

As you can probably already tell, we spent our entire day around The Shack. It was such a perfect afternoon, lounging under the shade with cheese and Karen’s homemade blueberry wine. Exchanging stories. Simply enjoying life.

The only time we got out was when Karen brought us to view the glowworms at Kakahi. It was one of those places we wouldn’t have been able to find without a local. Whoever who said nothing free is good better eat their words.

IMG_1736It was an amazing day, we didn’t do much, at the same time we gained so much.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Lying in the hammock the next day after a superb breakfast complete with homemade blueberry jam, I thought about the conversations the night before. It showed me what it’s like to be doing what you love and enjoy, and how it shows through your quality of work.

We’re not meant to take the paths our parents took, and our lives are ours to control.

See what I meant by gaining so much more? 

I still can feel the warmth from Karen’s hug before we left, all the way from the small town called Owhango.


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