Glow Worms in Waitomo

When people head to Waitomo, it usually for – no surprises there – glow worms!


We honestly thought there would be more things to do than just glow worms, but we knew we were wrong the moment we reached the town.

And calling it a town is actually a stretch. Because there were probably only 5 restaurants, a couple of accommodation, and it takes less than 5 mins to whizz past. There are no supermarkets around, so if you’re staying the night do ensure you stock up else you’ll end up driving to the nearest Countdown located 15mins away like us.

We stayed at Juno Hall Hostel which was really convenient for us as the company we did Black Water Rafting with was located across the road. It was one of the more rustic hostels we’ve stayed in, and it was almost like staying on a farm with all the animals they rear. But what really got my attention were the three little pigs. Are they adorable or what!

IMG_8333 IMG_8335 IMG_8338

We chose to do the Black Labyrinth Tour with The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co, and had the most amazing experience with them.

First step was getting wet – the water was cold but bearable. We drifted through the underground river in our tubes, leapt down two waterfalls, and finally reached the part where we were all waiting for – a ceiling filled with glow worms, glittering like stars in the galaxy.

There we floated along on our backs, taking in the breathtaking sight of the glow worms, with the guide singing as he pushed us along. And we just remained simply in awe.

IMG_8324 IMG_8322We didn’t purchase the official photos taken by our guide, but managed to get some photos in our snazzy wetsuits. Okay I kid, but it did keep us warm.

I reckon anyone heading to North Island could do with just a day trip to see the glow worms. It’s definitely an experience I wouldn’t forget in a hurry!


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