If you’re a fan of taro and waffles, chances are you probably have heard about Froth. IMG_3981
Located at the basement of Big Hotel, the cafe offers an extensive fusion menu and aims to attract both locals and tourists alike. 

It wasn’t difficult to find a seat despite lunch hour, and we promptly ordered ourselves some starters and mains before making our way to the supposed highlight of our meal – dessert! 

Food service was quick, and our first dish arrived within the first 10 minutes of ordering. 

IMG_3971Grilled Portobello was up first, and we were pleasantly surprised at the presentation of the dish. Unfortunately, the taste didn’t quite meet up to its appearance. The truffle mushroom purée was served lukewarm at best, and the white asparagus was a tad too raw for our liking. Things were not getting off to a good start..

IMG_3968 IMG_3983Then came the arrival of the fries, and our expectations rose with both dishes served piping hot and fried to perfection.

The truffle fries were served with a healthy dose of parmesan and were throughly tossed to ensure the fries at the bottom were not neglected. Similarly, the sweet potato fries were coated evenly with their house seasoning, and was equally flavourful even without a dipping sauce.  

IMG_3979 IMG_3984We were making our way to the finale of the meal, but not before tasting two of the mains.

On the first bite, we weren’t quite sure if we would like the seafood tom yum risotto. But it quickly got addictive with the balance of sweet, sour and (not too) spicy – all in one mouth! 

There’s always the worry of the cream being too rich when ordering carbonara, but this definitely wasn’t the case. In fact, the broth came slightly diluted and thickened upon mixing in the poached egg. With a generous serving of bacon bits, this was definitely one of our favourite dishes.

IMG_3989We ended the meal with the anticipated taro waffles – one of the key reasons why we came here! 

Each serving of waffle came with a scoop of ice cream, and we chose ours to have with earl grey – which was rich and creamy, but unfortunately masked the taste of the taro. 

Waffles by itself had a winning texture – where it was moist, slightly chewy on the inside, but still with a crunch when you bit into it! Overall it was a great dish, though yam lovers would probably be craving for more taro oomph.

There were some hit and misses on the menu, but there are definitely some dishes which will have me return again. And the next time round, I’ll be giving the waffles another shot but with a different ice cream choice! 

200 Middle Road
Singapore 188980

Opening Hours:
Breakfast – 7.00am to 10.30am daily
Lunch & Dinner – 11.30am to 10.00pm (closed on every first Monday of the month)


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