Tekapo Across Three Seasons

IMG_5120 IMG_5174 IMG_5187 Hands down if anyone were to ask where’s my favourite place in New Zealand, it can only be Tekapo. It definitely helped that the weather was fantastic all three times I was there. Yep, you heard me right. Three times.

IMG_5216 IMG_5221 IMG_5113First encounter with Tekapo was in Summer, in fact it was the very last day. It was a near-cloudless day, and the waters mirrored the clear blue skies. A great way to celebrate the final day of my favourite season.

Tekapo is a small town, and one of the key attractions is the Church of Good Shepherd. Situated next to Lake Tekapo, this is definitely one of my favourite spots. We didn’t manage stay the night, but it’s known that many photographers would camp overnight to take photos of the church against a bright starry night.

IMG_4939 IMG_4960 IMG_4972IMG_5019 IMG_5066But the best vantage point to take the scenery in is Mount John. Go during the day and have a cup of coffee at Astro Cafe. It’s gonna be the best view you’re ever going to have with a cuppa.

There are two ways of getting there – if you’re (ahem) lazy like us, it’s a short drive up the hill from the town centre. Otherwise, there’s always the option of walking up the trek which apparently ranked rather low on the difficulty scale.

IMG_3438 IMG_3450 IMG_3468Our second visit was in Autumn (again, it was the very last day of the season!). It was the starting point of our campervan trip and we spent a night there. But not before heading up Mount John a second time.

The hues of Autumn were slightly warmer, but the winds were definitely colder. We managed to take a short walk to the other end of the peak, but the view from the cafe was definitely better.

IMG_3845 IMG_3852 IMG_3853 IMG_3855Third time back was in Winter. It was a quick bus stopover from Queenstown to Christchurch. Although it was the shortest time spent, by far it’s the best I’ve seen Tekapo in – the snowcapped mountains were a stark contrast to the clear blue waters with mirror-like reflections.

Sitting by the lake, I recall being so overwhelmed by what was before me. The feeling of leaving New Zealand in just three days finally hit me, and I knew this was the view I was going to miss the most.

Back in Tekapo three times, each time a different season. And each time I knew, Tekepo is my favouritest place.



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