Party in the USA – Itinerary Planning


My first voyage to USA took place last December, where it was a trip to make up for my honeymoon since our Perth trip was only 5 days since D had to head back to army for reservist.


I was quite adamant on not travelling during Winter because of the short days, but my cousin in Vancouver was getting married and D was able to take leave during this period.. So we booked our tickets on ANA, which we thought the price was relatively decent considering we booked it 1.5 months before our trip.

Our trip route was a little strange since we had to cater for a stopover in Vancouver for the wedding:

Singapore – Los Angeles – Vancouver – Seattle – San Francisco – Yosemite – Los Angeles – Las Vegas – Los Angeles – Singapore

But otherwise, it was a pretty straightforward route. Heading up to Seattle, and slowly making our way down the West Coast.


Only thing was – we headed to Yosemite by coach, and had trouble finding a route out as we wanted to head down to Los Angeles instead of going back to San Francisco which was where we came from.

Buses or trains from Yosemite to Los Angeles would have taken forever, and flights were scarce in terms of suitable timings. We eventually decided to take a bus out of the valley to Fresno Airport where we caught a flight to Los Angeles.

I wasn’t sure why it didn’t occur to me then, to check for tickets from Fresno to Las Vegas directly . That could have saved us a one-way flight ticket! But then again, timings were so limited they might not have been any to Las Vegas.

But we had the most fabulous ride which took us from Los Angeles to Las Vegas – so I would like to think that things happen for a reason.


Will get down to detailing the trip – slowly, but surely!


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