Match Made in Heaven

Owls meant something special to us, it was one of our nicknames for each other when we were studying in school. Being typical undergrads, we spent many late nights rushing out projects or presentations. It was also then when D and I grew closer, and would call each other “night owls”, often staying up late when we were staying in hostel, and urging the other to sleep earlier when we’re done with work.

So we knew we wanted to incorporate owls into our wedding theme, but needed to keep it classy and elegant and not have our wedding end up looking like a kids birthday party instead.

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When we first came across owl matchboxes, we toyed with the idea of replacing them with the hotel’s wedding favours. But then practicality ensued, especially when we were faced with a possibility of having to forfeit one table of guests, and we decided our money could be better spent elsewhere.

But the idea of having these owl matchboxes never really left our minds. Especially when D being the wordsmith he was, came up with the idea of incorporating “A Perfect Match” & “Made in Heaven” to the design.


We left them till the very last minute (and by that I meant the very last day), these matchboxes were intended to be displayed at the reception table as additional wedding favours. So they pretty much were the last on my priority list.

And we almost didn’t manage to prepare them in time. I had designed and test-printed them two days before the wedding, but it was the manual labour of having to cut each label individually and paste them to the boxes. N volunteered her services and came over to help the day before the wedding, and we spent five hours doing up 60ish boxes – a far cry from our ambitious plan of doing 100 boxes.


Some of the matchboxes might not have made the cut if we had more time, but as N said – the imperfections were what made it “homemade”, anything too professional and people might think they were store-bought 😉

And so they were – our wedding favours designed and made from scratch.


Lace Crochet x Flower Basket

I don’t remember much about being a flower girl, just recall having seen photos of my aunt’s wedding and I was dressed up prettier than usual. When looking for pictures of my younger self for the wedding childhood montage, I came across some of those photos.

5 year old (2)

Was quite amused at the similarities between my flower crown then, and the ones I did for our two flower girls here. And of course, this photo made it to the video montage titled as My “First” Wedding.

I was about 6 years old when my aunt got married. Our flower girls are barely 3 years old, and it was likely they won’t have much memories of our wedding when they are older. We weren’t even sure if they would be brave enough to walk down the aisle, to be honest, so I wasn’t quite sure anything I made for them would come in handy and was intending to stop at the flower crown.

But when I came across this tutorial on making flower girl baskets using lace crochet, and how pretty they looked, I caved and went sourcing for suitable lace crochets.


I had to reinforce the lace crochets a second time with a more viscous glue mixture to make the baskets sturdier, bearing in mind that the two girls were probably not able to hold them as steady as we would like.


Our 2 flower girls did walk down the aisle in the end. Though one ran away halfway, while the other walked down without throwing any petals. But it was perfect for us, and I can’t wait for them to grow up and show them pictures of themselves walking down the aisle. And maybe flower crowns will still be in fashion then.

Dyed Baby’s Breath x Flower Crown

Got hooked onto Pinterest about a year ago, and created a secret board for wedding inspirations. Most of the images which I pinned initially were of wedding dresses and make-up. But as the wedding date drew closer, I started to take an interest in DIY tutorials, though I didn’t think I would have much time for DIY then.

So with the time that I had to plan the wedding, I decided to put in some effort to DIY some aspects of our wedding. The rule of thumb was these items should either be meaningful to us as a couple, and/ or should find themselves in our future home.

My first DIY project was this flower crown for our flower girls which didn’t really fit within the above principle. But I came across this tutorial on Pinterest and I could just imagine them on my flower girls, so I had to try it out!

Materials – floral wire, floral tape, & baby’s breath
Mini-bouquets of baby’s breath
Attempt #1
Attempt #1

Thought my first attempt didn’t look too shabby (basically followed the tutorial to a tee), but the crown looked a bit dense and may overwhelm my petite flower girls.

So for my second attempt – I managed to successfully dye some baby’s breath using food dye, which turned out really easy. Basically followed the ratio of 6:1 of water to food dye and left them overnight in a vase.

2014-10-01 15.54.03
Dyeing in progress – a chaotic mess!

Using both blue and white baby’s breath this time, I didn’t bother with making mini bouquets, and setting them aside to stick them to the floral wire after like I did earlier. Instead, I took about 2 mini-stalks of blue and white each, and would combine them together to wrap them around the floral wire using floral tape, and stuck them straight to the floral wire.  Found this to be much faster, and the crown looked more ethereal than before.

Gave me approximately 2-3 mini-bouquets which I stuck straight to the floral wire

Being the typical OCD I was in these things, I snipped off jutting out strands like the one below.

Optional: trim the jutting-out strands

And I also upgraded the crown with a ribbon! But this is completely optional as the crown would stay in shape anyway.

Attempt #2

I also made my bridesmaids a wrist corsage each using the same method (even though I regret how shabbily done they were due to time constraints).

First DIY project a success, I would say, especially for someone as amateur at crafting like myself!